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Introduction to probability theory and its applications. Combinatorial analysis, axioms of probability and independence, random variables (discrete and continuous), joint probability distributions, properties of expectation, Central Limit Theorem, Law of Large Numbers, Markov chains.

Lectures: MWF 01:20pm-2:25pm, Engineer2 194


** Cheng-Han's office hour for Nov-28th will be cancelled.  He will have a make-up office hour on Dec-11th (M) from 3pm - 4pm at BE 312C/D.

** Chelsea has an additional office hour: Dec-7th 11am-12pm BE 118

** Cheng-Han has an additional office hour: Dec-8th 10am-11am BE 312C/D


Final Exam:  Tuesday, December 12 4:00–7:00 p.m. E2-194

- You can bring one sheet of your note (both sides - 2 pages)

- Calculator (no mobile device)

- The final is cumulative but you may focus on the materials after the midterm



Juhee Lee (juheelee@soe.ucsc.edu)

OFFICE HOURS: M & F 2:30-3:30pm, BE 359C

Teaching Assistants

Cheng-Han Yu (cheyu@soe.ucsc.edu, Tu 3-4pm in BE 312C/D and Th 9-10am in BE121)

Chelsea Lofland (clofland@soe.ucsc.edu, Th 4-5pm in BE118)